STANDARD SGI A-20 / Harassment Management

Standard, whose main objective is to establish guidelines for the correct management of the possible situations of harassment that could be detected in organisations.

SGI A-20 Description of the Standard

SGI A-20 is a standard belonging to the SGI Standards, whose main objective is to establish guidelines for the correct management of the possible situations of harassment that could be detected in organisations. This management system allows an organisation to organise, manage and control this type of situations in all areas of the company, improving the performance of non-discrimination criteria.

The standard allows for the establishment of the necessary proceedings, both for the detection of workplace harassment situations and the management of immediate intervention mechanisms that will guarantee not only the protection of the people involved in the conflicts, but also the possible administrative, civil and penal implications for the organisation itself.

The terminology SGI A-20 stands for the Spanish abbreviation of “Sistema de Gestión del Acoso” (Harassment Management System, in English) in organisations, being the first of its kind and a pioneer in terms of Workplace Harassment Management Systems worldwide.

The standard SGI A-20 applies to every organisation of any type and size that wishes to:

  • Establish a management system to prevent, reduce and/or eliminate harassment on a company-wide basis.
  • To have the necessary protocols for an appropriate intervention in line with the regulatory criteria of each state.
  • Have the appropriate communication and reporting mechanisms to manage any situation that may arise.
  • Implement, maintain and continuously improve a Management System.
  • Ensure their conformity with a policy against harassment established in the organisation.
  • Prove being in accordance with this standard by:
    • Carrying out a self-evaluation.
    • Seeking conformity in the management of harassment in organisations by taking into account all stakeholders (alleged harassers, victims, legal representation of workers, administrations, customers, suppliers).
    • Aiming for the certification of the harassment management system by an external organisation.
  • Prove the existence and implantation of the mechanisms that the legal regulations require.
  • Improve the image and staff’s perception of the organisation’s level of awareness.

Advantages of the SGI A-20 Seal

  • Certification of compliance with the regulations on sexual/gender-based harassment or harassment at work.
  • Revaluation of the corporate image.
  • Usage of the seal in the company's trade and advertising purposes.
  • Valuation of the seal for the purpose of grants and competitions.
  • Prestige of the organisation with its suppliers and clients.
  • Talent retention.
  • 11 of the Royal Decree-Law 1615/2009: The awarding of the emblem will be compatible with the awarding of other distinctions or prizes granted by different Spanish or foreign public administrations or public bodies attached to or dependent on these administrations, as well as by Spanish or foreign private bodies regarding the achievement of real and effective equality.





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